The thicker the wall of the door and window profile, the better the quality of the product?

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The thickness of the aluminum alloy door and window product is not selected according to the standard minimum wall thickness, but is selected according to the size of the door and window, the air pressure value, the air tightness and the water tightness of the designed doors and windows. In ensuring product safety, performance, environmental protection and other requirements, not the thicker wall and window profiles, the better the product quality.
To judge the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows, we should start with the following points.
1. Whether the design of the profile is reasonable.
2. Whether the air tightness and water tightness of doors and windows are up to the standard.
3, how about the configuration of doors and windows hardware, glass and accessory parts.
If a door and window, its profile design is not reasonable, water tightness and air tightness is not up to standard, even if its wall thickness exceeds the national standard N times, it is not a good product.

Features of high quality aluminum alloy doors and windows
Raw material
1, aluminum

Good aluminum alloy doors and windows of aluminum, smooth surface, no aluminum chips, burrs, etc., its strength, thickness (more than 1.4mm), and oxide film (> 10 microns) should meet the national standard. Small windows and doors manufacturers are in a mixed market pattern, there are many "thin materials" in order to choose reliable consumers. Famous brand products.

Raw material
2. Glass

Compared with ordinary glass, toughened glass is obviously a better choice. It has strong impact resistance and is not easy to break. Even if it breaks, it will break up in the form of granules without acute angle, and it will greatly reduce the harm to human body. At the same time, it has good thermal stability, and the sound insulation effect of toughened insulating glass is better. Fu Xuan doors and windows choose 3C certified toughened glass as raw material, double layer tempered glass structure to effectively isolate noise and heat energy.

Raw material
3, hardware accessories

The quality of hardware parts such as hinge, door handle, lock and pulley is the key to ensure the service life of aluminum alloy door. Use stainless steel hardware, bright color, no rust, scratches and so on. Fu Xuan doors and windows selected from Germany, such as silk, Julia, Hao Bo and other imported hardware, durable, weather resistance is very strong, to ensure long-term use of doors and windows.

Process and performance
4. Production process

Good aluminum alloy doors and windows products, fine processing, smooth tangent, accurate angle, in the splicing process will not appear more obvious gap, sealing performance is good, switch smooth. If the processing technology is not qualified, there is a problem of sealing, not only leakage of wind and rain, but also under the action of strong wind and external force, the glass is prone to crack and fall off.

Process and performance
5, auxiliary accessories

Sealing strips and tops are important accessories for aluminum alloy doors, especially hollow sound insulation doors and windows. The sealing strip must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and anti-aging property. The size of the section structure should match with the aluminum door profiles. The wool top needs to be sealed, waterproof and closed.

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